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Secret #1

Winning "No Bid" Contracts

Did you know that you don't have to compete with other bidders? It's NOT all about competition in the government market. This book will reveal secret methods to help you land "no bid" contracts.

Secret #2

Quickly Build Past Performance

Often, you're limited to what you can bid on because you have no past performance. You'll learn some practical tips to quickly build past performance so you can pursue larger more elusive government contracts.

Secret #3

Overcoming Contracting Red Tape

Government Red Tape has been with us forever. By reading this book, you’ll learn the secrets to taming the “Red Tape Monster”, learning how to speak governese, and navigating the contracting landscape.


Abraham Xiong is a social entrepreneur, business coach and community leader with a passion to advocate for small and disadvantaged businesses.

Mr. Xiong has supported small businesses in obtaining more than $900 million in government contracts. He serves as the National President of the Government Contractors Association, a professional trade association supporting businesses in the government industry. 

As an agent of change, he has inspired hundreds of individuals to become business owners and has helped many companies grow their revenues.

Honored by President Obama for advocacy work in supporting the small business community. 

Honored as a Champion and Humanitarian in service of underserved communities.

Honored as an Outstanding Citizen and named a Goodwill Ambassador for the State of Georgia.


  • $900M+ in member contract wins
  • Trained over 10,000 companies
  • ​1500 members
  • Nationwide membership

What's Inside the Government Contracting Secrets Book

This is what you'll learn:

The Secret Success Formula: P+P+P+P=P

  • PREPARATION PHASE: ​Learn what it means to prepare and build your business infrastructure for success.
  • PROMOTION PHASE: Discover how marketing and relationship building in the government market is different from the private sector.
  • PROPOSAL PHASE: This phase is about finding opportunities, setting up your win strategy, and responding to bids and solicitations. 
  • ​PERFORMANCE PHASE: Discover how to perform, stay in compliance and close out your projects.
  • ​PROFIT PHASE: The profit phase is a direct result of you successfully executing the above four phases. 

The 12 Hidden Steps for Success

  • A = ASSESSMENT: Figure out where you're at and if government contracting is right for you.
  • S = STRATEGY: Develop a short term and long term plan bench marking after successful companies.
  • E = EDUCATION: Learn to speak the language of contracting, which we call "governese."
  • ​R = REGISTRATION: There are lots of registration points and certifications to apply for. 
  • ​I = IMAGE: Your brand and your image is important. Learn to make a good first impression with your marketing collateral.
  • M = MARKETING: Discover how to market to government buyers, who to speak with, and how to engage them.
  • R = RELATIONSHIP: The key to success is dependent on how strong the relationships you build. 
  • O = OPPORTUNITY: Learn how to find opportunities: past awards, current projects and future forecasts.
  • P = PROPOSAL: This step is about your response to what government buyers are looking for.
  • P = PERFORMANCE: When you're awarded a contract, now it's time to deliver your product or service.
  • C = COMPLIANCE: There are rules and regulations which you must follow and reports which you must file.
  • C = CLOSURE: As you finish out the project, ensure that you properly close out the project so that you'll receive a great review.

Limited Time Bonus Offer:


Contracting Checklist

(value $37)

20 Point Contracting Checklist

With the detail and work involved in finding, preparing, and submitting proposals for federal government contracts, it’s impossible to think of everything - unless you have a detailed, proven Contracting Checklist. Government documentation must meet specific legal criteria and proposal responses must be flawless. Don’t rely on guessing or hoping you’ve included everything you need to bid. Use this Checklist to be sure.


Capability Template

(value $97)

Capability Statement Templates

Your Capability Statement will help you immediately stand out from your competition, make a lasting first impression in promoting your brand, and could be the key to winning Government Contracts. Government agencies will strongly consider the Capability Statement when reviewing and awarding contracts. Our Capability Statements are easy to edit and include the ideal format that speaks to agency buyers. 


Proposal Sample

(value $priceless)

$20 Billion Winning Proposal Sample

As part of this special offer, we’ll share with you a bonus gift, an actual technical proposal which landed a $20 Billion federal government multi-year contract. Use this valuable sample to learn and understand what the federal government is looking for when awarding huge contracts. This proposal is packed with great ideas on how to use words to narrate a compelling story to help you land large opportunities.


Tasha Reid

How Tasha Won a $3 Million Government Contract!

Bonita Clemons

"I love these tools and resources. It's allowed me to quickly get started in the government market."

Cyrstal Spellman

"My business has won government contracts through the courses taught by GCA and its instructors. My first contract was $60,000. Now, I'm using these principles to win more contracts."

Dr. Barbara Culp

“I retired as an educator and then started my tutoring business with GCA’s help. They helped me win my first tutoring contract of $25,000 with Dekalb County School System.”

After reading “Government Contracting Secrets”, you’ll be able to...

Step 1

Learn the Government Contracting Secrets
I’ll teach you the fascinating story of Government Contracting – where it came from, how it evolved and the secrets to cracking the Government Contracting code of gaining entry into this mysterious world.

Step 2

Register to become a Government Vendor
Less than 2% of American businesses are registered to sell to the Federal government. I’ll teach you how to develop a skilled group of professionals to register, bid and WIN Government Contracts.

Step 3

Submit Your Proposal
Agencies expect well written and thorough proposals that address all of their requirements and expectations. I’ll teach you the secrets of writing and submitting winning proposals that get noticed and win.


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